The Ramalingesvara Temple built in the 16th century by Pemmasani Rama Linganaidu has impressive shrines of Ramalingesvara , Parvati and Rama. The two storied super structure of brick built over the sanctum sanctorum is very sleek and beautiful. The temple walls have attractive figures of various Gods and Goddesses.
The Venkataramana temple , also built in the 16th century is a fine example of Vijayanagara architecture . Built with granite up to the roof level, the super structure of brick built with stucco decorations . The Gopura built in front of the temple is quite attractive.

Accessibility : Situated in Tadipatri 50 kms from Anantapur, 350kms from hyderabad , 600kms from chennai, 340kms from bangalore. It is well connected by road and rail.

Other places of interest in the proximity:

  • Puttaparthi 97 kms from Anantapur. Lepakshi, situated 15kms from hindupur has the 16th century Veerabhadra Swamy temple.