This scenic village in East Godavari District is untouched by modern development. This adds to the charm and allure of Dindi, which is about 80 kilometres from Rajahmundry and 73 odd kilometres from the city of Kakinada. The tranquility of the village and the hospitality of the locals are a welcome respite for people, who yearn to spend time in solitude amidst natural beauty.


A stroll through Dindi will reveal many natural wonders – fFertile pastures where cattle graze, domesticated ducks waddling their way to water bodies, numerous waterways and canals teeming with aquatic plants and marine life, green paddy crop swaying in the gentle breeze and coconut palms dancing merrily to the tune that just they can hear. The earthy beauty of Dindi can be overwhelming for people, who are unprepared for it.

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