The district of Warangal is located towards the northern part of Andhra Pradesh, in the Telangana region. The city of Warangal, which was called Orukal in the 18th century AD, was the capital of the Yadava King of Tuluva. The city was also controlled by the Kakatiyas and Ganapathis for nearly 200 years. The city of Warangal was recently conferred the status of World Heritage City by UNESCO.


The heritage of Warangal is defined by its literature and art. The beautiful paintings, poetry and dance forms are celebrated here with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour. The ancient temples of Warangal, such as Thousand Pillars Temple, Swayambhu Temple, Rayaparthy Shiva Temple and Siddeshwara Temple, can leave visitors in awe with their beauty and architecture.

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