Srisailam holds pre-eminent significance for hindus as this is where the famous Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, which is one of the twelve jyotilingas, is situated. This is an ancient temple and finds reference in Vyasa’s epic Mahabharata. The main temple enshrines a small Swayambhu Linga. At the back of the main shrine is the temple of Brahmarambha, his consort . There are many other shrines inside the complex. The striking feature of Srisailam which impresse any visitor are the numerous bas reliefs depicting several Saivaite stories, carved on stone which adorn the prakaras rising to the height of 20feets . Lord Mallikajuna Swamy is also known as Chenchu Mallanna and is a popular deity for the local hill tribe, the

sri sailam

Chenchu. Devotees visit the temple in large numbers during the Shravan Masam to perform Abisekham and all Mondays of this month are considered auspicious for performing Puja. Maha Sivarathri festival is celebrated with great fervor.

Accessibility: Srisailam is about 70km from Nagarjunasagar, 220 km from Hyderabad & Kurnool, 400km rom Chennai and 550kms from Bangalore . it can also be reached by an exciting 110b kms boat ride from nagarjunasagar. It is well connected by road.

Other places of interest in the proximity:

• Srisailam tiger reserve,pread over an area of 3568sq kms , this sanctuary is home to the tiger and several other wildlife species .

• Sikareswara Swamy Temple,located on the highest peak of nallamalai hills.

• Hatakeswara temple of Lord shiva.

• Paladhara & panchadhara , natural springs flowing at a spot where Adishankaracharya is believed to have performed penance.