Considered to be one of the finest examples of kakatiya temple architecture, it is set amidst beautiful surrondings with hills, forests and lakes all around. The main temple at Palampet is known as Ramappa temple dedicated to Lord Rudreswara. Built in 1213 A.D. The temple represents the excellence of kakatiya craftsmanship .The elevated Upapitha, Adhisthana and walls are adorned with exquisite sculptures. The pillars, beams and ceilings of the Navarangamandapa and door frames are carved from basalt stone and polished to a high gloss which is evident to this date.

ramappa temple

Accessibility: Situated in the village of Palampet, 73kms from Warangal , 213kms from hyderabad , 914kms from chennai and 790kms from bangalore . It is well connected by road and rail.