The temple , situated on the banks of river Godavari is dedicated to Lord Rama.The temple was built by Bhakta Ramdas during his tenure as the Tahasildar in the regin of Abdul Hassan Tanashah, the king of Golconda .it was fully renovated during the 1960’s with addition of new structure. One off the few Vaishnavite temples in the state. It attracts a large number of pilgrims, especially during the Sri ramanavami festival.

The serene image of Sri Rama in the temple is different from his normal depiction as a “Kodanda Rama” or “Pattabhi Rama ” where he has only two hands . At bhadrachalam ,Sri Rama has four arms Known as “Chaturbhuja Rama” where he holds a bow and arrows ,as well as shankh and chakra ,the latter two generally associated with Lord Vishnu. Sita is seated on

Rama’s left thigh while laKsmana is standing alongside. Hanuman is rightly absent because the image at bhadrachalam signifies the years spent in the Dandakaranya forest, before Ravana adbucted Sita.

Accessibility: Situated in Bhadrachalam, 70km from khammam , 312km from Hyderabad, 650kms from Chennai and 900kms from Bangalore .it is well connected to road and rails .

Other Places of interest in the proximity :

• Parnasala, 36kms from Bhadrachalam is believed to be the place where Lord Rama spent his 14 years of exils.