Lord Venkateshwara ,the presiding deity here, is also called the Lord of Seven hills as Tirumala lies atop the Seshachalam Hills, one of the group of Seven hills in the Nallamalai range of the Easstren ghats. This World is famous shrine is next only to Vatican city in terms of the number of visitors and donations received.

The temple is built of granite stone . the pillars,walls and ceilings bear manysculptures depicting Puranc episodes. The Shikhara of the temple is coated with pure gold portraying the richness of the temple. Every day thousand of pilgrims shave off their heads at Tirumala in fulfillment of their vows. During the Brahmotsavam season, lakhs of pilgrims visit the temple, the holy Prasadam is in the form of Laddus. Being a rich temple , it funds Venkateshwara University and several other institution dedicatedto the Vedas, oriental studies ,engineering , medicine etc.Accessibility:Situated at Tirumala in Tirupati , 65Km from Chittoor, 592kmfrom hyderabad, 180km from chennai and 250 kmsfom bangalore. It is well connected by road, rail & air.