With a coastline of 970 kilometres, it is but natural that Andhra Pradesh will have some beautiful and exotic beaches that offer a glorious escape for visitors looking to get plenty of sun, sand and sea. The pristine beaches are a haven of tranquility and can captivate visitors with their ethereal natural beauty.

Beach tourism in the state is people-centric while ensuring that the biodiversity and socio-economic needs of the community are maintained.

With so many beaches dotting the coastline of Andhra Pradesh, it often can be overwhelming to choose the best beaches to spend a memorable and fun-filled holiday and at the same time there is no dearth of choices. All beaches in the state can leave visitors mesmerized with their golden sand, turquoise waters of the Bay of Bengal and caressing warmth of the sun. Exploring each beach is a delight to the senses and can leave visitors yearning for more.