Krishnapatnam is more famous for its port than its beach. However, pristine and clean beach of Krishnapatnam offers a memorable escape from the rigours of daily life. The long stretch of golden sand shifting silently under the feet and the palm trees dotting the beach can be captivating and inviting.

The beach is about 24 kilometres from the city of Nellore and is easily accessible to people looking to spend some wonderful moments enjoying the solitude and watching fishermen hard at work. The warm waters kissed by rays of the sun are inviting and can wash away the fatigue and aches and pains of travel. This beach is perfect for families and those looking to get away from the noise of city life.

Mypadu Beach


Mypadu Beach is unique because of its long, uninterrupted stretch of greenery. The crystal clear waters and the golden sands of the beach make a heady mix for travellers, who are looking to rest, relax and rejuvenate. A dip in the water can refresh travellers, while watching the colour of the sea changing with each ray of the sun can enchant visitors. The golden sands of the beach make a wonderful bed to sunbathe. Located about 25 kilometres from Nellore city, this picturesque beach is a great place for a relaxing weekend. Visitors can even enjoy facial massages and sumptuous fare served at the food stalls close to the beach.


Haritha Hotel in Mypadu Nellore


Discover the gorgeous beaches of Nellore and enjoy a rural holiday when you stay at Mypadu Nellore. The economical tariff and prompt service are more than enough to make guests return to this wonderful hotel.



Tel 8498862255    8498862244
Haritha Hotel  A/C Suite(6) rs 2500  A/C Room (24) Rs 2000
Sunday Open Open
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