The exquisite natural beauty of Rama Krishna Beach has to be experienced to understand why visitors flock to it. The captivating beauty of the beach can leave visitors spellbound and at the same time offers a relaxing and delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The beach offers exciting opportunities to surf and when visitors have had their fill of sun, sand and sea, they can explore the poignant Dutch cemeteries located along the beach. The coconut trees bordering the beach just add to the appeal and beauty of the place. The cool ocean breeze, the blue skies, the golden sands and the inviting waves of the sea make a heady mix that is worth experiencing.


Rushi Konda Beach


Located just 8 kilometres from the port city of Visakhapatnam, RushiKonda Beach is known as the Jewel of the East Coast. The unspoiled beauty of the beach is its main attraction and offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the golden sands and gentle ocean currents.

The beach is a haven for watersports lovers and is popular among windsurfers and jet skiers. However, it is the scenic beauty of the beach that lures visitors throughout the year, who come to enjoy spending time amidst greenery, golden sands and azure waters. The day the city celebrates the festival of colours, Holi, the beach gets transformed to a hue of vibrant colours, with people splashing color and water on each other.

Haritha Beach Resort, Visakahapatnam


Located on Bhimli Road, Rushikonda, this beautiful beach resort has a presidential suite, 10 luxury rooms, air-conditioned executive and deluxe rooms and standard air-conditioned rooms. Guests can enjoy the beautiful waters of the Bay of Bengal and the pristine sandy beach while staying at this resort.

Haritha Hotel  
Sunday Open Open
Railway Station/ Airport      Visakhapatnam  Visakhapatnam
Entry Fee
Distance 8km from Visakpatnam