Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is located about 3 km from Panaji and 1 km from Dona Paula Beach. Miramar is a Portuguese name which means ‘viewing the sea’. It is also known as Gaspar Dias. The Mandovi River and Arabian Sea also merge here.The Miramar beach is covered with soft white sand which make it suitable for long leisurely evening walks. The coastline of Miramar beach is about 2 km long. Beginning at the gulf and ending at Emerald Coast Parkway, it is bounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and coconut palms on the other.

The silver sand of the beach sparkles in the moonlight adding to its beauty. One can also have a multicolor view of Aguada Fort from here. It also hosts a large number of cultural events every year. The main attraction of Miramar Beach is 500-plus species of migratory birds that cover the whole of the beach during the months of November and March. It includes migratory birds such as gulls and plovers too.Miramar Beach offers A large number of accommodation options to tourists. They can also lodge in the capital city of Panaji, which is just 3 kms away and offers a wide range hotels, guest houses and resorts.


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