The Barak valley forms the southernmost part of Assam comprising of three districts. The Barak River originates in the Manipur hills and flows west to enter Assam in Cachar district. Cachar: The district was created in 1830 after annexation of Kachari Kingdom by British. Silchar is the headquarters of the Cachar district of Assam and is the second largest town of the state.

Barak valley

Nestled on the banks of the Barak River, the town has an average elevation of about 72 feet and is renowned for its scenic beauty and natural splendor. The city is surrounded by Manipur on the east, Bangladesh on the west, Mizoram on the south and the Barail hills on the north. Due to its picturesque location, the region is rightly coined as the Island of Peace and is the major gateway to the neighboring areas of Manipur and Mizoram. Distance from Guwahati 342 Kms.

The Kachakanti temple (mandir): Located at a distance of 17 Km. from Silchar stands the historical & most celebrated temple of South Assam, i.e. the temple of mother Goddess “Kachakanti”. She is said to be amalgamation of 2 powerful Hindu deity, i.e. Mother DURGA & mather KALI. The original temple was built in the year 1806 AD by the then Kachari king. Human sacrifices were offered to the Goddess till 1818 AD. The Old temple however is ruined now, and is replaced by new temple.


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