Dima Hasao district ( formerly North Cachar Hills) is a pristine picturesque dreamland of undulating hills, valleys, gently flowing streams and waterfalls, where the very breeze that wafts across the paddy fields and bamboo forests is redolent with fragrance of the land of which man and animal live in perfect harmony with nature.

North Cachar Hills

It is the No.1 district in India with highest concentration of the number of ethnic tribes (15). A fascinating mosaic of ethnic, cultural and tribal mix, the people of Dima Haso embody all the values derived from centuries of shared living in the lap of nature. Equally enticing is the flora and fauna of the land, which has the famed Jatinga village where, drawn by some mysterious alchemy of earth and sky, disoriented bird come in thousands in the cloudy months of September and October to take part in an extraordinary suicide pact.

Though there is no direct Air connection to Dima Hasao district, one can fly up to Silchar or Guwahati or Dimapur from where easy road & railway services to Haflong are available. Haflong is a beautiful hill-station in Assam, at an altitude of 680 m above sea level. It is about 85 km north of Silchar and 345 km from Guwahati.



112 km from Haflong & 224 km from Guwahati. The huge Hydel plant has come up under North East electric Power Corporation(NEEPC0) with dams in the Kopili river. Near Umrangso, there is a Hot spring,the water of which is believed to have medicinal value.



Approximately 120 km away from Haflong, & 8-10 km from Haflong Tiniali,The Kopili River turns into a thrilling waterfall, rolling over the rocks of Panimoor.



Just 9 km from Haflong. Worldwide famous for bird mystery (Birds Harakiri). The migratory birds come during the months August to November & it becomes the ornithologist’s attraction. From the elevated watch tower one can see them yielding to their death wish & their little plumage dropping down.

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