The Lahore Fort, locally referred to as Shahi Qila is citadel of the city of Lahore.The Lahore Fort is one of the greatest fort built by the Mughals in South Asia. The Fort was originally built by Malik Ayaz, later it was altered by the famous architect who created the Taj Mahal, and finally it was rebuilt by the Great Akbar, lending itself to its own distinct character, history, and flavor.


The massive doors, and great walls of Lahore Fort, include the Diwan-e-Azam, a grand throne room with a marble pavilion, and a majestic court designed for public audiences. In addition Sheesh Mahal, the Naulakha, and Moti Masjid also located within the fort speak eloquently of days gone by, a time when architecture and design was created with unparalleled detail for the pleasure of great emperors, royalty, princes, and princesses. Intricate patterns of inlaid precious stones, carvings, mosaic tiles, and murals are displayed against backgrounds of rough tiles designed with such quality, that today, they are as beautiful as the day they were created and placed.