Multan Fort was built on a mound separating it form the city by the old bed of river Ravi. There is no Fort now as it was destroyed by the British Garrison which was stationed, there for a long time, but the entire site is known as the Fort .The walls of the fort were built by Murad Baksh, the son of the Shah Jahan, when he was the viceroy of Multan in the early 17th, century. The Fort site now looks as a part of the city, because instead of the river it is now separated by a road which looks more like a bazaar and remains crowded throughout the day.


The Fort stands on the highest part of the mound on which the town is built, It is an ancient structure formed by a hexagonal wall from forty to seventy feet high, the longest side of which faces the north-west and extends for 600 yards, and which isolates it from the town. Within the fort, and on a very considerable elevation, stands the citadel, in itself of very great strength. The walls are flanked by thirty towers, and enclose numerous houses, mosques, a Hindu temple of high antiquity, and a khan’ s palace the beauty of which was severely damaged by the bettering it got from the guns of Ranjeet Sing in 1818.

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