Calangute-Beach-GoaNow, it’s perfect time to go to Goa. The pleasant and cool weather conditions with picturesque environment make Goa a tourist paradise and calls the global tourist who prefer entertainment and relaxation.

The season starts from mid-November to mid-February, this is the time when temperature resides and no monsoon rains. The sunny and pleasing weather adds up the charm of Goa’s scenic land.

You can enjoy Casinos here besides relaxing beaches and tourists from various countries, who surprisingly, enjoy the warmth of Goa even staying for a month. There are chartered flights from various destinations across the globe.

During the month of December, they celebrate a popular festival, Sunburn, besides extensive Christmas and New Year parties. During this time lakhs of visitors across the world arrive to enjoy.

Here is caution. You have to book your tickets and hotel accommodation in advance as it is being the peak season, any delay, you may end up paying huge for accommodation. The hotels enhance price huge during the season.

If you miss the season, do not worry, the June-October is calling you. Of course, this is the time the rains hit the state. You have parties across Goa welcoming rains. If you love monsoon and lush green countryside, this is the right time.
Visit to Goa between July and September is also entertaining. During this time they celebrate festival of Sao-Joao, the fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist, in June. The interesting event during the festival is men jump into wells to fetch bottles of feni, the local alcohol. This time you can have a good bargain at the hotels.

As the tourist strength is increasing, the Goa government is also working out increasing the infrastructure like building new airport, as the present one looks like a bus-stand during the peak seasons.

Singles can have a ‘skuty’, a two-wheeler, available on rent.