Known as the land of heroes, of which Rani Chennamma of Kittur undoubtedly reigns supreme as the face of the sobriquet, Belgaum is one of Karnataka’s oldest and largest cities. The romance of having a valourous queen who fought to the finish against the British, still holds the people of Belgaum in its sway. A cornerstone of arts, culture, learning and industry, the city is all about location, location, location.


Not only is it blessed with scenic natural environs, it also enjoys its own individual culture – essential Kannada culture spiced with Maharastrian and Goan influences. Considered as the state’s second capital, Belgaum for long, has been a vital industrial town courtesy its natural mineral deposits and is known across India for its foundries. Home to one of the biggest universities in the state, the people of Belgaum are articulate.

A pivotal stop on the Jain circuit, Belgaum also has many touristy stops like the Belgaum fort, the Kittur Chennama Fort, Gokak Falls, the Doodh Sagar Falls, the gothic-styled St. Mary’s Church and the Kapileshwar Temple. Do be sure to taste the famous Belgaum kunda, a sweet delicacy and the renowned Gokak toys and pottery.

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