American Express Global Business Travel has announced it is embarking on a cloud-based strategy in order to create the right system infrastructure that will allow GBT to drive higher performance and efficiencies as a standalone travel management company.As part of the strategy, GBT is upgrading its legacy business solutions with flexible, nimble, cloud-based solutions across key business divisions including IT, Procurement, Finance, Human Resources and Administration.

GBT made the strategic decision to begin its transformation immediately following the completion of the joint venture which established GBT as a standalone company. A cloud-based infrastructure provides business enablement functions that are explicitly tied to business objectives. In addition, the move enables GBT to immediately implement the most effective, specialised tools designed for the travel industry.Technology continues to be the gateway to superior customer service.

With a deep understanding of evolving customer needs, GBT management moved to ensure that its foundational corporate systems created the greatest flexibility to meet growing needs and increasing scale. With 14,000 employees, GBT is at the forefront of the industry in its ability to provide its customers with best-in-class technology tools and solutions to ensure seamless end-to-end travel experiences.