It is causing worry to the government with the  number of foreign women travelling to the country slipped during last year amid concerns about safety of women following the December 2012 gangrape, though India’s total foreign tourist arrivals jumped. According to Tourism ministry statistics, the main countries that logged a decline in female foreign tourists were Germany, Bangladesh and the Russian Federation while the number of women from Sri Lanka, the US, Canada, UK and Malaysia increased during this period.The number of foreign tourists increased 10% in 2014 over the previous year while foreign female tourists slipped to 40.8% from 41.2% in the same period.
India’s tourism industry took a hit after the 2012 gangrape made international headlines, prompting the government to introduce a host of security measures such as a travel advisory with tips for foreign tourists, including suggestions on dressing in line with the country’s traditional culture.The country’s global image as a safe destination suffered following a series of sexual attacks on foreign women in recent years.