International tourism returns to growth with record results in April, including increases in both nominal spend and visits across Britain.According to figures released today by the Office for National Statistics International Passenger Survey, the UK welcomed 3.14 million visits in April, six per cent more than in the same month last year.Visits hit a new record for the first four months of a year: between January and April 2015 they exceeded ten million for the very first time.After three months of decline in spend, we saw growth of one per cent in April, with a total of £1.5 billion spent across Britain.

April was a strong month for all types of visit, with Business, Holiday and Visits to Friends & Relatives seeing growth of 18, six and four per cent respectively. Holiday visits – isitBritain’s top priority and the focus for most of its international marketing spend – hit a new record after a six per cent jump compared to the previous year.EU15 countries account for over half of all visits to Britain annually, making them the UK’s largest world region for visits.In April, for the first time, visits from EU15 countries exceeded two million during any one month.