Indian outbound

The depreciation of the rupee has not had much impact on the international travel plans of Indians, according to a survey by Of the 10,000 respondents, more than 60 per cent are eager to travel, unaffected by the dip in the rupee, and continue to pursue their holiday plans. Eighteen per cent of the respondents said they would not wait for the rupee to rise to go on a holiday, 49 per cent said they would take a holiday irrespective of the fall or rise of the rupee, and 33 per cent said they would wait till the rupee stabilises.

Sharat Dhall, President,, commented, “The rupee weakening has not really had an adverse impact on Indian travellers as most of them are unfazed and continue to make holiday plans. Savvy Indian travellers book well in advance these days and hence are confident about getting good deals within their budget. The drop in oil prices has resulted in lower flight prices this year and a plethora of hotel deals has also helped in driving down the overall cost of an international break. Also, most travellers are optimistic of the rupee strengthening and are very confident that the fluctuation will not wreck their holiday plans.”

Further, apart from South East Asian countries, Europe has emerged as a destination of choice for Indians, primarily because of the rupee remaining steady vis-à-vis the euro. These destinations were followed in popularity by the UK and the US, in that order. Only 24 per cent of the respondents chose to travel within India, while 27 per cent said that the location would depend on the expenses involved. Again, the majority 49 per cent were unaffected by these conditions.