Destinations across Asia Pacific in aggregate welcomed 570 million foreign arrivals in 2015, setting a new record for international arrivals into the region. Aggregate annual growth was 4.1 percent, with eight of the 11 Asia Pacific sub-regions producing annual growth rates above that of the Asia Pacific average, ranging as high as 8.7 percent for Oceania and eight percent for Southeast Asia, as per PATA Annual Tourism Monitor 2016.

Additional analysis shows that, in volume terms, the incremental increase in absolute numbers was close to 22.5 million additional foreign arrivals over that of 2014 with Asia receiving three-quarters of that gain. The Americas* captured 21 percent of the additional volume, followed by the Pacific with a four percent share. Of the 40 destinations covered in this report, 29 reported positive gains in 2015 over those of 2014, with nine of those showing double-digit growth rates.
Myanmar led the way with an impressive increase of almost 52 percent followed by Japan with just over 47 percent year on year. Chile recorded growth of 23 percent and Thailand enjoyed an annual gain of more than 20 percent.