India has been ranked as the fourth most vacation-deprived country globally, according to a travel survey. Online travel company Expedia’s 2016 vacation deprivation study also found that 71 per cent Indians cancelled or postponed vacation plans due to work. India is just after Spain (68%), UAE (68%), Malaysia (67%) and South-Korea (64%).  The study also found that 71% Indians cancelled or postponed vacation plans because of work. This despite the fact that 77% bosses supported employees to take their vacation in 2016 as compared to 70% last year. The survey was conducted online between September 12 and September 29, 2016, across 28 countries in North America,Europe,South America and Asia Pacific among 9,424 employed adults.

The survey found that that 63% Indians took fewer of the vacation days they were entitled to, 40% do not use all vacation days as work schedule does not allow for vacation or do not have enough staff to cover and 32% are not able to take vacation due to personal schedule. About 21% Indians felt that not taking all the vacation time will be perceived positively by the employer, higher than South Korea (12%); Brazil and Thailand (11%).

It further states that 47% of Indians are ready to give up social media and television while 30% would give up internet and 27% can give up contact with their besties for a week, all for one additional day of vacation.