Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu today launched Indian Railway Knowledge Portal namely which has aggregated most of the available knowledge about Indian Railways at one location and has also tried to encompass as much knowledge as possible, by linking websites, documents etc. for dissemination of knowledge on Indian Railways.  This portal is an initiative of the National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR), Vadodara. This portal is an aggregation of information, with links to resources of the Indian Railways, for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge, innovations and best practices. This initiative is in line with the “Digital India” campaign of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Portal was launched through video-conferencing established between Ministry of Railways, Rail Bhawan and NAIR Headquarters at Vadodara.  Chairman, Railway Board Shri A.K. Mital, and DG, NAIR Shri S. Mookerjee  also spoke on the occasion from Vadodara end.  Railway Board Members were among those present at the New Delhi end whereas GM, Western Railways Shri G. C. Agrawal was present at Vadodara end.

This Knowledge Portal features  all subjects of Indian Railways, Railway Research and Development, use of ICT in Indian Railways, listing of major  International Railway Journals, linking of existing Indian Railway Libraries and also World Railways in one web page.  It has e-access to existing libraries of Railways, and all the libraries are being clustered to have a single interface through e-Granthalaya by NIC. The Knowledge Portal Home Page also gives a brief of all the social media activities of the Indian Railway sites.  It has web pages on fan clubs, heritage, and rail museums across the world.  In short, it is a ‘one stop’ arrangement for people who are interested in Indian Railways both from a strictly technical point of view as well as enthusiasts.

This website will be therefore herald an interactive platformwith the training and academic experts  across the country so that research scholars can have free access and get themselves introduced to the specialists in Railways who can help them in furthering their research on railway related topics.  The website has a modern design, with a very clean and simple layout.  It is mobile and tablet friendly and is easily navigable.It has been an in house effort of IT Faculty of the Academy with bare minimum cost for website development, about Rs 70,000. It is an attempt to harmonize the efforts of enthusiasts involved in furthering the research on railways and generating innovative ideas for improving the Railways from within and outside.