The remaining British nationals in Egypt should be able to fly home by the weekend, according the latest update from Egyptian officials.
Routine flights were suspended following the crash of a Russian Metrojet flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg on October 31st.
All 224 people on board died when the aircraft came down in the Sinai desert.

Some 20,000 British nationals were thought to be in the resort at the time of the crash, with many struggling to return to the UK.
Special flights began on Friday, with UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond confirming 7,000 Britons had left by the end of Tuesday.

In a statement, Egypt’s ministry of tourism said: “We are working closely with our airport operators, airlines, holiday companies and the relevant international authorities to assist all tourists who are currently waiting to return home to the UK and Russia from Sharm el Sheikh to do so.
“We are endeavouring to process as many people as possible through the airport as safely and quickly as we can.”