The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage Hyderabad chapter has deplored the recently issued GO 183, squashing the regulation of Urban Development Act [HMDA]. The trust urged the government to withdraw the GO and restore status quo in this matter.

This regressive step by the government will not only pave the way for the demolition of many listed heritage buildings and precincts, but also discourage initiatives to protect built and natural heritage like the unique rock formations of the region, it said.
Hyderabad’s rich and diverse heritage has attracted over the centuries, world travelers and tourists, and has generated significant revenue for the State. “We are a world class city because of our history and heritage and not an identity-less clone of so many new cities that we seem to want to ape,” the trust said. “Government should further strengthen by creative and careful integration in planning process, rather than treating them as obstacles in the development,” it said.