The month-long Simhastha Kumbh mela, the largest congregation of Hindus, began in Ujjain early this morning. Large number of people have converged in the holy city for the mela, held after a gap of every 12 years. Over five crore people, including seers, are expected to visit the city during the month.

This time eunuchs have also set up their akhara and have taken out their procession in the city which was accorded a grand welcome by the people. While the first ‘Shahi Snan’ is slated for today, another is scheduled on 21st of next month and elaborate arrangements have been made.

Estimated 50 lakh pilgrims will take first shahi snan on the opening day of month-long fair. A number of ghats have been made over 10 km along the Kshipra River for the fair starting from Triveni to Gaughat.

Ramghat is considered the most sacred bank of the river Kshipra in Ujjain as Hindu holy- men and seers prefer to take their holy dip or shahi snan at the ghat. Administration have erected barricades at the ghats to regulate the crowd and people will be allowed to take bath in batches.